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Getting Started With HDFVR & Video Profile Plugin for Social Engine 4

Thank you for using the HDFVR Video Profile Plugin for SE4, as you will see below, HDFVR is THE video recording app to use!

As opposed to the standalone version of HDFVR the Video Profile Plugin for SE4 comes also with an integrated player that will stream the recorded videos from the media server.

1. Installing HDFVR on your web site

Download from your client/trial area the HDFVR archive ( and the SE4 Video Profile Plugin (module-hdfvrprofiler-4.0.4.tar) and extract them to your computer.

Now we will need to put some files on the media server, and the actual HDFVR files on your web site:

1.1 Installing the hdfvr app on the media server:

On Red5 On AMS On Wowza

1) Copy the Red5/hdfvr folder (from the archive) to your Red5/webapps folder.

2) Restart Red5.

Copy the AMS/hdfvr folder (from the archive) to your AMS/applications folder.

If you're using AMS hosting create a new application/folder named hdfvr and in it upload the contents of the AMS/hdfvr folder (from the archive).


1) Copy the applications, conf and lib folders (you will find them in the Wowza folder from the archive) inside the Wowza installation folder.

2) Restart Wowza.

3) Wowza 4 only: Starting with Wowza Media Server version: Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0, a new GUI has been added that allows you to control the server and individual applications. This can be accessed via browser at the following link http://WOWZA_SERVER_ADDRESS:8088/enginemanager/.

By default this version of Wowza Media Server comes with the default stream prefix mp4. This needs to be changed to flv. Here's how:

  1. Go to http://WOWZA_SERVER_ADDRESS:8088/enginemanager/
  2. From the top menu click the [Server] page
  3. In Server Setup click Edit
  4. Change Default Stream Prefix from mp4 to flv
  5. Save


1.2 Installing the HDFVR Video Profile on your SE4 web site:

  1. Download the HDFVR Video Profile Module for SocialEngine archive (module-hdfvrprofiler-xxx.tar) on your computer from your private client/trial area.
  2. Login as admin into your SocialEngine 4 Website and go to:
    Admin >> Manage >> Packages & Plugins
  3. Click on Install New Packages then on Add Packages
  4. Browse to where you saved module-hdfvrprofiler-xxx.tar and select it.
  5. Wait for it to be uploaded
  6. Click Continue and follow the on-screen installation instructions until the package is installed.
  7. Click Manage Packages (top left) and make sure the HDFVR Video Profiles plugin in the list is enabled. If it's not enable it.
  8. Click Return to Admin Panel
  9. Go to Settings >>HDFVR Profiler Settings (see Image 2 below)
  10. Enter your RTMP Connection String and click [Save]
    hdfvr settings
  11. Now connect with an FTP client (like WinSCP or FileZilla) to your website and go to: application/modules/Hdfvrprofiler/externals/hdfvr_videorecorder/.
  12. Copy into the hdfvr_videorecorder folder the contents of the Files to upload to your website folder from your archive
  13. That's it, you will now see a [Record Video Profile] link on each member profile page.

2. Limiting HDFVR Video Profile's features for each member level

Login as admin and go to Manage -> Member Level HDFVR Profiler Settings

The control panel above will show up. It allows you to disable the video profile features for particular member levels.

3. Where are the HDFVR files when using the SE4 Video Profile Plugin?

All the HDFVR standalone files including language files, audio/video quality profile files, avc_settings.php and, well, everything else, are on your SE4 web site in:


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