Today we’re proud to launch a new phpFox module we’ve been working on for the past weeks: HDFVR Video Recorder Module for phpFox. The Video Recorder Module for phpFox 3 allows your phpFox users to record and post videos and video profiles using their webcam. To record a video profile, users have to click the “Record Video Profile” link, record their video, review it and save it on their profile. That video profile is then viewable by everyone on the web site. On a member’s profile page you just click on “View Video Profile” to view it.       To post a video, users have to click on “Record Video” from the “Share” section. The Video Recorder Module for phpFox provides[…]

Lo and behold, high quality HD video recording over slow connections is finally possible with Red5. But 1st… some history. Video recording with Red5 has been plagued for a long time by various issues. All this time developers and their clients had to resort to rather expensive Adobe Media Server and Wowza licenses to add quality video recording to their website. Here’s a recent excerpt from a discussion on the Red5 mailing list about it’s recording capabilities: From: Angry Red5 User & Developer Subject: Does anybody succeed in recording valid FLV videos in ANY version of Red5? Date: Feb 13 2014 I am fighting with Red5 recording from about 2-3 yers. And the sad truth is, that it propably NEVER worked. Dont achieve simple[…]

Today we’re releasing a new version of HDFVR which was made primarily to fix the black boxes issue. however, during development, it quickly grew into something bigger. Here are all the changes explained in great detail: 1. We’ve implemented the H264+AAC recording to MP4 using the Wowza Transcoder AddOn in the main build (until now we had a separate build – build 508- that had to be used for that). This means: we’ve added the Wowza+Transcoder AddOn option (h264_w_t) to all the video quality .xml profiles we’ve tested it with Wowza 3.0.3+patch,3.0.4, 3.1.0, 3.1.1, 3.5 and 3.6 the Wowza server-side files now contain the hdfvr_play app (used only with h264_w_t) and the hdfvr.xml transcoder template we’ve updated the Recording MP4[…]

If you are using Wowza Streaming Engine (Wowza 4.0) or newer just follow the steps from the documentation. This article is relevant only for versions of Wowza up to 3.6 Introduction With the launch of Flash Player 11 (4th Ocotober 2011) Adobe introduced the H.264 video codec in Flash Player for video encoding. For those of you who don’t know yet what H.264 is, it is a standard for video compression, and it is currently one of the most commonly used formats for the recording, compression, and distribution of high definition video. The final drafting work on the first version of the standard was completed in May 2003. The  Problems: There are 3 major media servers on the market: FMIS, Red5[…]

Today we’re making available for purchase the AS3 Client Side Source Code for our video recorder HDFVR. Price: $199 Requirements: Standard HDFVR license, Flex 4.6 SDK, Flash Builder . Future clients can buy it from: . Previous clients can buy it from: email us at for the link . What’s it made of: zip archive containing the Flash Builder project ready to be compiled AS3 source code for all HDFVR classes AS3 source code for all used libraries all image assets used in the HDFVR Use use FLEX SDK 4.6 to compile it How to set it up in your Flash Builder workspace: Download the archive from your client area (once you purchase it) Start Flash Builder[…]

Yesterday Adobe released Flash Player 11.2 but the new Flash Player version seems to have changed something again because our HDFVR product does not finish uploading anymore and it gets stuck as in the screenshot below. This is something we will look into over the next few days and issue a patch. Hopefully it will be a client side patch (involving replacing the swf) and not a media server patch. This is the second time the Flash Player team makes a change that breaks app functionality and it’s getting ridiculous. 2 weeks ago they made a small change in Flash Player that caused us 2 weeks of 0% productivity and 100% issuing patches and explaining the issue to customers. HDFVR[…]

Today we’ve made 2 small updates to our audio recording and video recording software, here they are: FLVAR build 124: added the ability to specify the name of the recorded file trough the streamName variable in HDFVR build 440: fixed issue with snapshots showing white bands sometimes I situations where HDFVR asks from a webcam a resolution that the webcam does not support: the displayed video stream is not distorted snapshots now are the size of the actual stream resolution and not the size of the resolution configured in HDFVR new onPlaybackComplete RAD JS API cal Continue and Cancel buttons from the settings window can be translated How to update: You can download these new builds from your client/trial[…]

We have a new build of our video recorder today, there are several new features and quite a few bug fixes. Here’s what’s new: new JS API (onCamAccess) lets you know if the user allowed or denied access to the camera Logo overlay: ability to overlay a logo over the video, in the top right corner using the new overlayPath option in Loopback microphone: there’s a new option (loopbackMic in that allows you to loop the mic back to the speakers/headphones during recording Countdown timer: ability to display a countdown timer until the recording will stop (countdownTimer in Butonless mode: ability to hide the menu entirely with the showMenu option in  (Some people want to contro[…]

We’ve got a new build of our video recorder ready for you today. This build includes fixes for a few bugs we received trough the forum and small changes in the looks & usability departments. Videos for which the user had not pressed the SAVE button did not have any snapshot and the video file did not had the right permissions set in [FIXED] Added 4 HTML files to the HDFVR archive, each one embeds HDFVR in a different way. The same HTML files are available online in our HDFVR demo area: The progress bar+buffer will now show during playback (independent of the scrubber when it is clicked and dragged :D) Only one press of the SAVE button[…]

A new build of  HDFVR is available now.This build contains a lot of bug fixes and an improved UI. The new UI: The fps counter is aligned to the left bottom corner. The backround color property is now functional. The sound level display is tinier. Corect paddings for all the elements in the scene.  A  padding var was added to so that you can control the padding between the elements. Issues fixed: We’ve fixed a lot of small bugs from UI and functionality and a few critical ones: Spellchecked and corected docs.We’ve added better comments in We’ve fixed the issue with streamName change that was not working properly. We’ve fixed the issue with the size of the snapshot.[…]