Today we’re proud to launch a new phpFox module we’ve been working on for the past weeks: HDFVR Video Recorder Module for phpFox.

The Video Recorder Module for phpFox 3 allows your phpFox users to record and post videos and video profiles using their webcam.

To record a video profile, users have to click the “Record Video Profile” link, record their video, review it and save it on their profile. That video profile is then viewable by everyone on the web site. On a member’s profile page you just click on “View Video Profile” to view it.

HDFVR Video Profile Recorder for phpFox     HDFVR Video Profile for phpFox

To post a video, users have to click on “Record Video” from the “Share” section.

HDFVR Video Recorder for phpFox

The Video Recorder Module for phpFox provides your admins the possibility to set different features for different user groups and configure HDFVR trough the backend panel.

HDFVR Video Recorder for phpFox User Groups Settings     HDFVR Video Recorder for phpFox General Settings


  • HDFVR Video Recorder Module handles the integration between HDFVR and phpFox 3
  • Users can record a video profile directly on your website
  • The video profile is also posted to the member’s wall and other members can comment on it and like it
  • Users can watch other users video profiles directly on the website
  • Users can record videos and post them on their and their friends walls
  • phpFox admins can control the HDFVR Video Recorder settings directly from the phpFox admin area
  • phpFox admins can control the features available for each users group
  • Seamless members database integration
  • Installs as any other phpFox module

For more details you can check out the Video Recorder Module page on or the listing in’s add-ons area.


You can purchase both HDFVR (starts at $199) and the Video Recorder Module for phpFox ($49) from .


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