The latest version of HDFVR brings with it an assortment of improvements and updates. Without any further ado, let’s delve into them.


  • HDFVR handles a lot better (device selection screen wise) the scenario where local shared objects (cookies) are not allowed
  • The init screen -> privacy screen -> device selection screen -> record screen flow is now fully reliable
  • UI does will no longer include microphone elements when audio recording is disabled
  • Removed SWFObject  in light of the changes regarding Flash content in Safari 10 and Chrome 56

JavaScript API changes

  • New getPlaybackTime() JS Control API function. If called before recording, during recording and immediately after recording (before playback) it will return 0
  • onRecorderInit() is a new function that’s called after the initial [Record Video] screen is drawn
  • getStreamTime() now returns a number (not a string) and returns 0 if called before recording start or after recording ends
  • The JS Control API HTML example file has been updated to take advantage of onRecorderReady() and the new onRecorderInit()

Other changes and fixes

  • Documentation fixes and clarifications throughout the delivered files
  • flipImageHorizontally  no longer affects the playback image inside HDFVR
  • Fixed issue with  language file being loaded twice
  • Fixed issue with HDFVR getting stuck at uploading if snapshotEnable was set to false

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