We have released HDFVR 1.2.2 update.

Newly Added Functionality

The latest version (build 636) of HDFVR addresses a specific issue of Internet Explorer 10 and 11. Both versions present the same issue: SWF objects are still kept in memory even after they are removed from the web-page or the browser tab is closed. This IE bug caused HDFVR to keep the web-cam active.


To prevent this, we’ve implemented a mechanism inside HDFVR that shuts down the connection to the media server and then HDFVR removes itself from memory when a browser tab is closed. This API is by default called automatically via Javascript, but it can also be called manually. The newly implemented API callback function is disconnectAndRemove.

Other changes include a new JS call, onConnectionStatus called by HDFVR for every connection event (connection success, connection rejected, connection failed, etc).

Bug Fixes:

Fixed issue with onRecordingStarted being called only when HDFVR first connected to the media server and not when the actual recording started. Subsequent recordings will now trigger this function as intended.

You can download the latest build from your private client area.

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