Signaling the entry in the year 2014, we have released a new HDFVR update that brings a heap of improvements and functionalities.

Pause/Resume During Recording

Recordings can now be paused and resumed anytime needed. HDFVR will automatically put together the recordings so that the final produced video file will contain all the recordings made, as one single recording with no pauses or interruptions.


This functionality is controlled by the newly added setting: enablePauseWhileRecording.

The JS API has been also updated to reflect this new functionality with the following methods: btPauseRecordingPressed  and btResumeRecordingPressed.

Important to note : pause and resume works only on AMS/FMS and WowzaRed5 does not support this kind of functionality, and, if paused during recording and resumed, only the first part of the recording will be written to the video file. This is teh reason why enablePauseWhileRecording is disabled by default. If you’re running on Wowza or AMS/FMS you can enable it by setting it to 1 in .

Improved User Interface

Changes to colors, spaces, updated settings icon, new loading animation and overall better usability for the UI.

The settings and notification windows (Loading Settings, Buffering, Uploading, etc.) now have the same color of the menu bar (controlled by the setting menuColor) and inherit the rounded corners established through the radiusCorner setting. Here’s how they look:



JS API Updates

New JS API functionality mirrors the added HDFVR functionality:

  • onFPSChange called every second, updating the FPS that HDFVR captures.
  • onConnectionClosed called by HDFVR when connection to the media server has been closed/lost.
  • btPauseRecordingPressed called when pause recording is pressed
  • btResumeRecordingPressed called when resume recording is pressed
  • Calling VideoRecorder.stop() while a previous video has been paused during playback will not start the recording
  • Calling VideoRecorder.record() while recording will not stop the recording
  • Calling VideoRecorder.playVideo() should not pause the movie during playback and same with pause
  • Calling VideoRecorder.record() now closes the HDFVR Cam & Mic Settings Window if it is opened

Removed Empty Strip at The Bottom of HDFVR

A bug occurred when showMenu was set to false and the flashcontent size was set to the actual video size. An empty strip would remain at the bottom where the menu previously was and the video size was getting shrunk not having the resolution/size that was being requested by the camera.

This has been fixed now and by  hiding the menu and setting the flash content to the according size ,it will show the entire video correctly with the requested resolution.

Other Changes

  1. The [play] button can now be hidden using the new setting hidePlayButton.
  2. After the first recording is made the tooltip for the [record] button now reads “record again”.
  3. The overlay/watermark image can now be positioned in the center using the value “cen” for the setting overlayPosition.
  4. The “Loading Settings…” message can now be translated also using the flashvar lstext declared in HDFVR HTML file.
  5. Red5 1.0.2 compatible server side files are now in the delivery archive


How to Download

The build archive can be downloaded from your client private web-page.