Today we’re proud to launch a new phpFox module we’ve been working on for the past weeks: HDFVR Video Recorder Module for phpFox. The Video Recorder Module for phpFox 3 allows your phpFox users to record and post videos and video profiles using their webcam. To record a video profile, users have to click the “Record Video Profile” link, record their video, review it and save it on their profile. That video profile is then viewable by everyone on the web site. On a member’s profile page you just click on “View Video Profile” to view it.       To post a video, users have to click on “Record Video” from the “Share” section. The Video Recorder Module for phpFox provides[…]

It has been a while since we last updated the Video Profiles Module for Social Engine 4 .  Today we’re proud to release the 1st major update to it. As you will see this update brings significant improvements in all areas. So, without further ado, here’s what’s new: 1. New video player Until now we’ve used a rather old video player but in this build we’ve added a new one that looks and feels just like the video recorder itself. This new video player brings consistency to the record and view video profile experience. 2. Ability to delete a video profile We’ve heard you guys and we’ve implemented this much requested feature. Thank you for bumping us about this obvious[…]

We’re proud to announce our first integration kit for HDFVR: the HDFVR Video Profiler for Social Engine 4. It allows your SE4 users to record their own video profile directly on the web site! Mihai did a great job with this integration! It’s the best integration we have so far, it looks like its been built from the ground up for SE. The HDFVR Video Profiler for SE4  is priced at $49 (on top of the normal HDFVR price). We’re also marking the occasion with a huge discount to HDFVR: $100 off both the HD and SD editions until the end of the month. More info and several screenshots are available on Go to to buy it now[…]