We’ve taken the decision to stop development & tech support for the Flash based video recording software HDFVR starting with the 1st December of 2017 (3 months from now). There are many reasons including the recently announced end of life for Flash but mostly because the Pipe video recording platform is for quite some time now the better solution. HDFVR will still work past that date and you will still be able to use it on your website but there will not be any new versions released and no more tech support will be offered. Customers who have already purchased Support & Updates past the 31st of November date will be refunded prorated sums. Customers of our media server hosting services[…]

We’ve got 2 great news today regarding  the HDFVR Cloud (beta). 1. We’re opening up the HDFVR Cloud beta to all HDFVR trial users. When you request – or if you have requested –  a HDFVR trial (request trial link here) you will also get access to the new HDFVR Cloud product we’re working on.  A new HDFVR Cloud link will now show up in your private trial area. Clicking it will take you the HDFVR Cloud dashboard which will allow you to embed a 720p HD video recorder in any HTML page. The video recorder will work on PCs, Macs and mobile devices. 2. We’ve added an embed code for each recorded video. The code will allow you to quickly embed and play any recorded video in the[…]

Hello all, We’ve spent the last 2 weeks working on a hosted solution for our video recorder. We’re calling it “HDFVR in the Cloud”. The hosted solution is in beta and we’re making it available today for free to all our clients. Some of the benefits: Easy to use copy and paste embed code to add video recorder to any HTML web page Will work on both desktop and mobile devices Automatic conversion to mp4 file using FFMpeg for cross-platform mobile & desktop & HTML5 delivery Easy to access video management area for recorded videos How to use the new HDFVR In The Cloud: 1. Login to your private client area http://nusofthq.com/c/ (you should also have a  direct link by email, press the “I[…]

Lo and behold, high quality HD video recording over slow connections is finally possible with Red5. But 1st… some history. Video recording with Red5 has been plagued for a long time by various issues. All this time developers and their clients had to resort to rather expensive Adobe Media Server and Wowza licenses to add quality video recording to their website. Here’s a recent excerpt from a discussion on the Red5 mailing list about it’s recording capabilities: From: Angry Red5 User & Developer Subject: Does anybody succeed in recording valid FLV videos in ANY version of Red5? Date: Feb 13 2014 I am fighting with Red5 recording from about 2-3 yers. And the sad truth is, that it propably NEVER worked. Dont achieve simple[…]

Hey everyone, We love hearing from users of our products, when features aren’t working the way you think they should, we want to help. It frequently happens that you guys have issues with flash content on the Chrome browser. Sometimes it goes as far as crashing or freezing your browser. A couple of years ago, in 2012, Google started shipping Chrome with a “safer and more stable” version of Flash Player. This version is usually called Pepper Flash because of it’s reliance on their new PPAPI for interacting with the browser (as opposed to the old NPAPI). This Flash Player is supposed to be more secure and stable, however we found quite a few bugs specific to this version of Flash Player, bugs[…]

Today we’re releasing a new version of HDFVR which was made primarily to fix the black boxes issue. however, during development, it quickly grew into something bigger. Here are all the changes explained in great detail: 1. We’ve implemented the H264+AAC recording to MP4 using the Wowza Transcoder AddOn in the main build (until now we had a separate build – build 508- that had to be used for that). This means: we’ve added the Wowza+Transcoder AddOn option (h264_w_t) to all the video quality .xml profiles we’ve tested it with Wowza 3.0.3+patch,3.0.4, 3.1.0, 3.1.1, 3.5 and 3.6 the Wowza server-side files now contain the hdfvr_play app (used only with h264_w_t) and the hdfvr.xml transcoder template we’ve updated the Recording MP4[…]

Today we’re making available for purchase the AS3 Client Side Source Code for our video recorder HDFVR. Price: $199 Requirements: Standard HDFVR license, Flex 4.6 SDK, Flash Builder . Future clients can buy it from: http://hdfvr.com/buy-now . Previous clients can buy it from: email us at contact@hdfvr.com for the link . What’s it made of: zip archive containing the Flash Builder project ready to be compiled AS3 source code for all HDFVR classes AS3 source code for all used libraries all image assets used in the HDFVR Use use FLEX SDK 4.6 to compile it How to set it up in your Flash Builder workspace: Download the hdfvr_sources.zip archive from your client area (once you purchase it) Start Flash Builder[…]

Yesterday Adobe released Flash Player 11.2 but the new Flash Player version seems to have changed something again because our HDFVR product does not finish uploading anymore and it gets stuck as in the screenshot below. This is something we will look into over the next few days and issue a patch. Hopefully it will be a client side patch (involving replacing the swf) and not a media server patch. This is the second time the Flash Player team makes a change that breaks app functionality and it’s getting ridiculous. 2 weeks ago they made a small change in Flash Player that caused us 2 weeks of 0% productivity and 100% issuing patches and explaining the issue to customers. HDFVR[…]

In October 2011 Flash Player 11 was  released by Adobe adding the ability to capture video from webcams and encode it with the latest and greatest of video codecs: h.264, the same one used in Blu-ray movies. Today’s HDFVR build implements that functionality. With the release we make today you will be able to record h.264 video directly from your website members. However, all is not pink in the land of video recording over the web, there are a few issues: When using FMS as a media server the resulting file will be a f4v file (mp4) that plays well when streamed from FMS but to play the video locally or trough progressive download you need to pass the video[…]