We have released HDFVR 1.2.1 update. This release (build 630) adds full compatibility with the latest Wowza Streaming Engine Manager as it is now possible to fully monitor the HDFVR app in the new GUI. This is made possible by an updated version of the Application.xml file. The build also includes a small bugfix for Internet Explorer 10, that resolves an issue with modal windows (loading settings, uploading…, etc.) being partially shown in the top left corner. You can download the latest build from your private client area.

HDFVR 1.2 (build 627) adds the possibility to record video directly from your mobile device. This is made possible by using HTML Media Capture. Recording Video on Mobile Devices Directly from the Browser Now whenever you access HDFVR directly from your mobile device you will be presented with the option of recording video. The actual recording is done using the device’s native recording app which is invoked by the HTML Media Capture API when the [Choose File] button is pressed. After the video has been recorded, it can be saved by using the default [Upload] button. All the videos recorded on mobile devices will be stored by default on the web-server. Recorded videos can be played back, also directly from the browser. Regarding the format of the videos, Android devices will save the videos in[…]