Hey everyone, We love hearing from users of our products, when features aren’t working the way you think they should, we want to help. It frequently happens that you guys have issues with flash content on the Chrome browser. Sometimes it goes as far as crashing or freezing your browser. A couple of years ago, in 2012, Google started shipping Chrome with a “safer and more stable” version of Flash Player. This version is usually called Pepper Flash because of it’s reliance on their new PPAPI for interacting with the browser (as opposed to the old NPAPI). This Flash Player is supposed to be more secure and stable, however we found quite a few bugs specific to this version of Flash Player, bugs[…]

Signaling the entry in the year 2014, we have released a new HDFVR update that brings a heap of improvements and functionalities. Pause/Resume During Recording Recordings can now be paused and resumed anytime needed. HDFVR will automatically put together the recordings so that the final produced video file will contain all the recordings made, as one single recording with no pauses or interruptions. This functionality is controlled by the newly added setting: enablePauseWhileRecording. The JS API has been also updated to reflect this new functionality with the following methods: btPauseRecordingPressed  and btResumeRecordingPressed. Important to note : pause and resume works only on AMS/FMS and Wowza. Red5 does not support this kind of functionality, and, if paused during recording and resumed, only the first[…]