Yesterday Adobe released Flash Player 11.2 but the new Flash Player version seems to have changed something again because our HDFVR product does not finish uploading anymore and it gets stuck as in the screenshot below. This is something we will look into over the next few days and issue a patch. Hopefully it will be a client side patch (involving replacing the swf) and not a media server patch. This is the second time the Flash Player team makes a change that breaks app functionality and it’s getting ridiculous. 2 weeks ago they made a small change in Flash Player that caused us 2 weeks of 0% productivity and 100% issuing patches and explaining the issue to customers. HDFVR[…]

In October 2011 Flash Player 11 was  released by Adobe adding the ability to capture video from webcams and encode it with the latest and greatest of video codecs: h.264, the same one used in Blu-ray movies. Today’s HDFVR build implements that functionality. With the release we make today you will be able to record h.264 video directly from your website members. However, all is not pink in the land of video recording over the web, there are a few issues: When using FMS as a media server the resulting file will be a f4v file (mp4) that plays well when streamed from FMS but to play the video locally or trough progressive download you need to pass the video[…]