It has been a while since we last updated the Video Profiles Module for Social Engine 4 .  Today we’re proud to release the 1st major update to it. As you will see this update brings significant improvements in all areas. So, without further ado, here’s what’s new: 1. New video player Until now we’ve used a rather old video player but in this build we’ve added a new one that looks and feels just like the video recorder itself. This new video player brings consistency to the record and view video profile experience. 2. Ability to delete a video profile We’ve heard you guys and we’ve implemented this much requested feature. Thank you for bumping us about this obvious[…]

Today we’ve made 2 small updates to our audio recording and video recording software, here they are: FLVAR build 124: added the ability to specify the name of the recorded file trough the streamName variable in HDFVR build 440: fixed issue with snapshots showing white bands sometimes I situations where HDFVR asks from a webcam a resolution that the webcam does not support: the displayed video stream is not distorted snapshots now are the size of the actual stream resolution and not the size of the resolution configured in HDFVR new onPlaybackComplete RAD JS API cal Continue and Cancel buttons from the settings window can be translated How to update: You can download these new builds from your client/trial[…]