Today we’re releasing a new build of HDFVR that contains a feature that has been requested for a long time by you guys: write JavaScript API. That and a few bug fixes. New features: there is a new JavaScript write API. With this API you can make calls from JavaScript to HDFVR to perform different actions like start recording, stop recording etc. You can viw the documentation regarding it here: and you can view a demo with it in action here: . a new JavaScript function is availabe: onFlashReady() that tells you when HDFVR is ready to accept calls from JavaScript Issues fixed: the allow/deny screen has been replaced with a new one t the settings that allows[…]

New HDFVR build is up and it has a new [Settings] screen: More new stuff: new [Settings] screen (show during intialization and via the Settings button) auto remember mic/cam selection when you are asked to allow Flash Player to access your web cam & mic you will get the REMEMBER screen not the ALLOW/DENY screen you can switch between cams and mics during recordings (works, kind of) updated tool tips You can test our new video recorder online at: . To get it download it again from your client/trial area.