We’ve spent some time recently updating our hd video recorder and boy do we have a full basket of gifts new features and bug fixes for you!!! Just in time for Christmas! New features: HDFVR will now remember your selection of web cam and microphone (if your computer has more than 1 webcam or mic) You can now specify the name of the stream/file! . This will allow you to record streams with your own file names AND play the stream live (trough a flv player) while it’s being recorded, there will be an article soon on how to do this! See the streamName variable in avc_settings.xxx You can also specify the permissions for the newly created .flv files in[…]

It has yet to snow here in Bucharest but Christmas is getting near nevertheless! We’ve extended the $100 off HDFVR offer until 24 December 2010! The offer is available for both the SD and HD editions! You can buy HDFVR now at a discounted price from http://hdfvr.com/buy-now . The offer will expire on 24 December 2010 23:59.