We’ve taken the decision to stop development & tech support for the Flash based video recording software HDFVR starting with the 1st December of 2017 (3 months from now). There are many reasons including the recently announced end of life for Flash but mostly because the Pipe video recording platform is for quite some time now the better solution. HDFVR will still work past that date and you will still be able to use it on your website but there will not be any new versions released and no more tech support will be offered. Customers who have already purchased Support & Updates past the 31st of November date will be refunded prorated sums. Customers of our media server hosting services[…]

The latest version of HDFVR brings with it an assortment of improvements and updates. Without any further ado, let’s delve into them. Improvements HDFVR handles a lot better (device selection screen wise) the scenario where local shared objects (cookies) are not allowed The init screen -> privacy screen -> device selection screen -> record screen flow is now fully reliable UI does will no longer include microphone elements when audio recording is disabled Removed SWFObject  in light of the changes regarding Flash content in Safari 10 and Chrome 56 JavaScript API changes New getPlaybackTime() JS Control API function. If called before recording, during recording and immediately after recording (before playback) it will return 0 onRecorderInit() is a new function that’s called[…]

HDFVR 2.1.1 is now available for download, here’s what’s new: Keyboard accessibility Previous versions of HDFVR did not allow tabbing through its controls or the Flash Player Settings window. Now it is possible to navigate the elements using the [Tab] key and selecting the element with [Space] or [Enter] key. Video and Audio Improvements You can now record video up to FULL HD resolution (1920×1080) thanks to some changes we made to the H.264 video encoder settings. On the audio side we’ve eliminated the microphone loopback that occurred when using the Speex audio codec. Other Changes New texts for some error messages and actions Fixed issue with microphone activity level not registering after recording the first video Fixed issue with JS Control API’s getStreamTime […]

This update brings the following needed fixes: Fixed issue with FFmpeg conversion (FLV to MP4)  not working as it should because of the way server-side threads were spawned. Fixed issue with interface not getting built if certain hardware setup was detected (2 mics with no preselected mic and no camera). Additionally a small new feature was added: Implemented the new setting hideDeviceSettingsButtons in avc_settings. If this setting is enabled HDFVR won’t display the camera and microphone settings buttons when the showMenu setting is set to FALSE. This is especially helpful if you are integrating HDFVR on a platform that will use the same hardware specifications and no changing of the devices will be needed.

Here at NuSoft we realized that the design of  HDFVR was not up to par. So we worked hard in order to bring its design in line with today’s best practices and we are happy with what we have achieved: We also focused on streamlining the user experience when following the steps needed to grant access to the camera and microphone, selecting the camera and microphone you want to use and also integrating some visual elements in the interface that tell you if you have good sound and good quality video. New Prerecording Screen The first thing you will notice in HDFVR 2.0 is that it will no longer automatically display the full recorder. Instead a pre-recording screen will be shown in which you can[…]

We’ve released a patch build that addresses several issues and adds a couple of useful features What’s new Implemented a new setting called autoSaveVideo in avc_settings.xxx. It hides the save button and automatically executes the save_video_to_db.xxx script on the web server Added 3gp and 3gp2 video format support for the mobile version of HDFVR. Fixed issues Fixed issue with video positioning when video was flipped  Fixed possible exploit in jpeg_encoder_download.php fixed possible security exploit in uploadFromMobile.php Fixed issue that caused HDFVR to consider an empty response from save_video_to_db file as a success response. How to download You can download the HDFVR 1.3.1 archive from your private client area.

We’ve got 2 great news today regarding  the HDFVR Cloud (beta). 1. We’re opening up the HDFVR Cloud beta to all HDFVR trial users. When you request – or if you have requested –  a HDFVR trial (request trial link here) you will also get access to the new HDFVR Cloud product we’re working on.  A new HDFVR Cloud link will now show up in your private trial area. Clicking it will take you the HDFVR Cloud dashboard which will allow you to embed a 720p HD video recorder in any HTML page. The video recorder will work on PCs, Macs and mobile devices. 2. We’ve added an embed code for each recorded video. The code will allow you to quickly embed and play any recorded video in the[…]

Hello all, We’ve spent the last 2 weeks working on a hosted solution for our video recorder. We’re calling it “HDFVR in the Cloud”. The hosted solution is in beta and we’re making it available today for free to all our clients. Some of the benefits: Easy to use copy and paste embed code to add video recorder to any HTML web page Will work on both desktop and mobile devices Automatic conversion to mp4 file using FFMpeg for cross-platform mobile & desktop & HTML5 delivery Easy to access video management area for recorded videos How to use the new HDFVR In The Cloud: 1. Login to your private client area http://nusofthq.com/c/ (you should also have a  direct link by email, press the “I[…]

Today we’re proud to release version 1.3 of our powerful HDFVR video recorder. With this update we wanted to bring more versatility to HDFVR so we’ve added some really awesome features along this line. Easy to integrate FFmpeg conversion One of the biggest additions is the ability to link HDFVR’s recording process with the free and open source FFmpeg video conversion tool. This is possible with both Red5 and Wowza (with AMS it was not possible technically). This FFmpeg link is very valuable because it allows you to easily convert the recorded flv videos to mp4 videos (H.264 video +AAC sound) which can be easily distributed to: mobile devices, HTML5 capable browsers, Flash Player Without this FFmpeg link setup: Red5 and Wowza produce FLV videos with NellyMoser or[…]

Today we’re proud to launch a new phpFox module we’ve been working on for the past weeks: HDFVR Video Recorder Module for phpFox. The Video Recorder Module for phpFox 3 allows your phpFox users to record and post videos and video profiles using their webcam. To record a video profile, users have to click the “Record Video Profile” link, record their video, review it and save it on their profile. That video profile is then viewable by everyone on the web site. On a member’s profile page you just click on “View Video Profile” to view it.       To post a video, users have to click on “Record Video” from the “Share” section. The Video Recorder Module for phpFox provides[…]