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Top 3 Reasons Why Developers Choose HDFVR

There are 3 big reasons why web developers choose and stick with HDFVR as their webcam video recorder software

1. Integration APIs

JS APIs allow you to control HDFVR or receive event info. The server side APIs (PHP/ASP/ASPX) help you save the recording data to the db.

2. MP4 with H264 & AAC

Using the Wowza Transcoder or ffmpeg, HDFVR can record to MP4 files with AAC audio and H.264 video. Mp4 is the ubiquitous format for delivery to all platforms.

3. High quality video

HDFVR can record high quality hd webcam videos, even over slow connections, on all media servers including the free Red5 media server.

HDFVR Works Across Online Platforms

Desktop (Mac and PC) and mobile (iOS, Android)

The HDFVR Web cam Video Recorder Works on iOS (iPhone and iPads), Android, Windows, OSX, Linux, Mac and PC
Read our video recording on mobile devices article to learn how HDFVR works on mobile devices

Great Tech Support & Developers to Back You Up

HDFVR comes with free tech support and a friendly developers community.

Tech Support

We offer 3 free months of dedicated tech support by email with every new license. Emails are answered every day by Virgi, our dedicated support engineer & Remus, the actual HDFVR developer.

Active Development

HDFVR is under constant development with new features and bug fixes being released every few months by a team of 3 developers and 1 support engineer.

Developers Community

On (our umbrella site) we host an official HDFVR forum with more than 1400 members, mostly developers. Visit the forum.

More than 400 customers trust HDFVR

400 happy customers and counting...

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